English Reactions! - HOW do I say THIS in English?


how can you respond to all of those social interactions that happen every

day something might happen and you don't know how to reply you don't know how to


if you hold the door for another person you're very polite well done you're

living life in the right way but okay how can you say to this person no no no

I will hold the door not that one after you oh please you first and you already

know how to say thank you to this because it's nice and you should all do

this because it's good good humans do this if you want different ways to say

thank you watch this video if this happens how do you respond

not exactly this I'm joking with the in the face although fun story I did do

this once I was walking with my friend and I had to sneeze that's called a

sneeze I was walking with my friend and I had to sneeze so I turned away from my

friend and I went yeah I didn't realize there was a girl right next to me so I

sneezed right in her face I felt I wanted to die

so much in that moment hmm but back to this what can you respond to this

if someone sneeze is you can save this bless you you can pronounce this two

ways one bless you to bless you so this will assimilate this will sound like

sure bless you say it with me bless you this is quite a bad thing that you've

done to someone yet say sorry but if it's something very bad

you should modify it like this I'm ever so sorry

you could just say I'm so sorry but I'm ever so sorry

it sounds more genuine sounds more sincere

from the heart it's probably a safe option okay now let's talk about excuse

me and pardon me so I do here excuse me and pardon me used when it doesn't sound

completely appropriate it's not really in the right situation so when do we use

excuse me and pardon me let's have a look let's imagine you're walking

somewhere and someone dropped their keys you pick them up you want to get their

attention so when you want to get someone's attention that's when you use

excuse me now maybe you want to get their attention because you want to walk

past them they are obstructing your way then again you could use excuse me

or you could use pardon me now pardon me really not common to here

when would you hear this most often there are two situations one you want to

walk past someone oh pardon me that's one number two is after you burp what's

a burp fits that OOP pardon me something fun that you can use if someone burps or

does something rude and they don't say pardon me or sorry you can say to them

pardon you or excuse you okay you're having a conversation with someone and

you agree about so many things but in a conversation you can't do this and I

think we should protect the rainforests I agree and I think world peace is very

important I agree and I think companies should do more to protect the

environment I agree that is weird so you need more options

so if your friend said something you want to agree you could say these other

things yeah exactly or yeah totally truth or absolutely okay

but what if it's not an opinion what if it's a plan your friend suggests a plan

you want to agree to the plan what can you say pizza tonight okay cool

or yeah it sounds good or you might hear yeah I'm up for that if you want more

detail about the meaning of this and the use of this click here to watch that

video okay this happens you aren't this guy what can you say to this person you

just stood present stand past stood you've stood on his toe or his foot what

can you say oh sorry no you're thinking hmm can I say excuse me

or pardon me it's most common just to say sorry in this situation this is a

small thing that you did to someone it's not serious it's it's nothing bad

sorry that's enough that's fine okay okay okay now you are this guy

what can you reply to this joking joking you could say don't worry again

this is just a small thing right so don't worry that's good oh no worries

that one is very common and very casual or of course it's fine now of course

there are other options that you can use but these are the most common these are

the most casual this is what you will hear and say in real English in real

life okay okay responding to an offer they

give you a doughnut how can you respond to that well hmm

first if you are crazy and you want to say no oh not for me thanks

you always say oh just before this sentence oh not for me thanks

another way I'm fine thanks or I'm good thanks

I'm fine I'm good why is what yeah if you want to say no thank you

to food or to drink you can say this you can say oh no I'm fine I'm good thanks

you're just saying I don't need it but thank you or if you want to be very

British about it and who doesn't I'm alright thanks pronunciation right

you can pronounce this in a few ways okay let's try the more RP sounding

pronunciation I'm alright thank you all look at my tongue all right notice I

pronounce the L and the T correctly alright I'm alright thank you

mmm it's not very common to hear that pronunciation what's more common is

you're speaking quickly right so I will pronounce the L and the T in a different

way listen I'm alright thanks notice how I

pronounce the L and the T the L my tongue wasn't there oh oh

notice my lips make all the sound my tongue doesn't touch anything

oh and the T is that glottal T stops in the throat throat the same one as water

it's the same sound alright all right say it with me I'm alright I'm

alright thanks you got it okay but it's a doughnut you won't say no you're going

to say yes of course you are of course nice and easy

thanks oh my god a doughnut bangs I love you let's have a baby together if you

want to be more British Cheers pronunciation say it with me Cheers

here Cheers most commonly when I say thank you to a

friend I'll say now cheers man cheers dude cheers mate

yes I'm British but I don't say mate as often as you think now okay there are

many ways to say thank you and I made a whole video about ways to say thank you

so click here to watch that video how do you respond to a thank you hmm of course

you learn this first right you're welcome this one it's more formal than

casual so with my friends I never say this with my friends actually what do I

say with my friends no worries yes the same as a response to sorry no

worries you might also hear or say no problem that's good too okay okay I said

that that is more formal than casual sometimes you want to be more formal and

that's fine so we can modify this we could say you're quite welcome or you're

very welcome and those would be a bit more formal than a casual no worries no

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