5 Ways to Be a Fearless English Speaker


Hey Naturals, what's up? I'm so thrilled to be here with you today

We're going to have a very special conversation

With my friend, Karina hi guys. I'm so happy to be here. It's a pleasure. Thanks for inviting me

Thank you for being here actually we're in your house, so they could be could you have something for inviting me?

We have a real treat today because you may actually recognize Karina from her channel English in Brazil

Yeah, maybe only if they are brazilians right everybody

Brazilian or few speak Portuguese

And I'm in Brazil so this is Gabi in Brazil in English in Brazil

And we're gonna talk about

How can you know learned English because you are your native language is Portuguese correct

Yes, and now she has an amazing channel English in Brazil actually. I'm a fan. Okay. No, I'm serious

That's how I'm here because they're chickens well

Thank you, so I thought it would be interesting for you guys to know about how could he not learn English?

And how she overcame some fears of speaking a second language. I think we've all been there. Yeah, yeah

Actually, we were talking about how

I'm really afraid of speaking Portuguese, and you know we all have this fear of

Speaking another language like Oh. What are people gonna think and they're gonna make a mistake. Oh my gosh

Have you ever felt that way you can say in the comments comments if you've ever felt afraid to speak English

So I want to ask you let you talk a little bit. How how did you start with English?

I mean why did you choose to learn English, and how did you start?

okay, well I think I've always had contact with the language because you know English is everywhere so since I was a kid I I

Used to listen to some songs and they were in English and I knew it was a second another language

Yeah, but I didn't know which language

It was and I didn't understand it thing because I I was raised in a monolingual family

So nobody speaks English in my family not my sister does she became a teacher to look good

I mean my parents spoke only Portuguese at home, and then when I was about 12. I started to love a band called Henson

And so I started to feel that I needed to learn what they were saying I wanted to understand what they were

singing and so I started reading some songs and

Singing to myself singing those songs to myself that's amazing that that's how you started with English

Yeah Your love of music with music and I did understand what they were saying what I was still trying to pronounce the words correctly

And trying to you know speak

Yeah, just sing you know and then I always said in a public schools

I don't know if you know, but what do you know about this school system in Brazil?

I mean, I don't know very much, actually. I know there's public private, but it's yeah. Tell me a little bit, yeah

so the public system is

Worse than the private one okay, so I mean the quality of education?

So that's why I always mentioned that I've always studied in public schools because at least in my case

My classes were pretty much focused on grammars

No, I knew a lot about grammar, but it couldn't speak the language

But these classes gave me an opportunity to learn a little bit about verb tenses tenses

sorry and about making sentences affirmative sentences and

Interrogative sentences so I have it like a basis of the language okay, that's really cool

You know something that I love about your channel and your kind of showing

English is that you travel a lot. I saw some of your videos you went to Ireland in the United States

And you go to these places and do you feel like?

Okay, is there a big difference between what you learned in public school English class and actually going to the United States and speaking English?

Is a little different?

But I've been traveling a lot now because my first trip my first international trip was with it was about 22

I think 22, then it took me six years to travel again. I've been traveling because of my channel because

That's awesome, so things are these haven't have been happening now. You know

I-i've learned English in Brazil. That's why my channel is called English in Brazil

You know because I used to practice a lot

So I used to read up loud I used to speak to myself because I didn't know if you guys know

People who are not from Brazil how many people speak English in Brazil so that's the motto we can't find anybody to talk with

You know so that's one of the problems. I have nobody to talk to you know

This is a really good point because a lot of you guys

Natural is you've been asking me. Okay? Well how do I learn English?

If there's no one to talk to me around in my city

No native speakers

Or I don't have any friends who speak English so you have some really good tips for that like you were just saying you know

Talking to yourself. Okay sounds a little crazy like honey. I'm not crazy. It's just what you gonna do if

Talking to yourself preparing. We're talking about like how to not be nervous when you're speaking another language

Whether it's you know English or Portuguese for me

Preparing in advance right so you were talking about your experience heater in some conferences right yeah

So I had to talk about your business, and you wasn't open again. Gisle are just in conversation. You know not like a

Speech or anything, but just in conversation. I had to explain what I do which is a very common topic right you say hi

What's your name? What you do so I had to learn how to explain this and it's really hard at first

I should prepare more

But but now I'm learning how to do that so I think that's a really good piece of advice for getting over your fear

Is just practice right?

Yes, you need to practice and I know that we are always afraid of exposing ourselves

It's very hard sometimes. I was telling her. I'm nervous to be on your channel

But you know I am trying to overcome this fear right here with you guys because

Lots of people not only from Brazil but lots of people from all over the world are going to watch this video now

Yeah, and maybe you might be judging me. Oh my gosh

She's a teacher, and she made this small pronunciation mistake, maybe because people judge people you know people judge

But people I think I like to believe that

Most people want the best most people are positive most people want you to do well

They're cheering you on so if you want to say in the comments like don't Karina. You're awesome

You can leave a positive comment - that would be really nicely

Even though like my Portuguese is good enough to have a conversation like I and people say like I have good Portuguese

I need some maize if you're taking it

Actually, if you if you want to hear me speaking Portuguese I might speak Portuguese on cleaners channel you can check out the video

But I still get really nervous

I still get afraid what will people think are they gonna think that I'm dumb or something if I make a mistake

But I mean really in reality. What's the worst that can happen like?

Nothing, yeah, it's gonna be okay right if someone makes a mistake in English of course

I'm not gonna think oh, they're there don't like no. It's it happens to everyone. I make mistakes all the time

It's interesting because we as teachers we always try to encourage our students come on speak up y'all be afraid

But then we have our fears as well

You know we understand you guys yeah

But we wouldn't be speaking English in my case and Portuguese in your days, and if we didn't try if we didn't make mistakes

It's absolutely normal, so you should just try to relax and speak because that's the way we learn yeah absolutely

We'll have to speak and don't give up just keep going, okay going

What's so good to have you here? Enjoy natural English? Yeah, it's amazing

Thank you so much, and I hope this video helps. I hope you guys feel encouraged to

Learn English as well so as I said my first contact with the lang was when it was very young with around 12

But I started to really learn the language when I was about 16 17

So it wasn't that young you know and I could still learn the language

Because it was motivating English learn English was fun. You know it has to be fun. It shouldn't be like

Painfully, oh my god. I hate you know it can be very fun. It is fun. We're having so much fun

Yeah, that's right

And and then a whole new world is going to open for you because you're going to understand movies

You're learning understand your favorite music and you're gonna read books like the original words that the author used

so it's in it absolutely and make new friends and

Words and and be in feeling confident when you travel so it's amazing

it's amazing as I said a whole new world is going to open to you absolutely so don't stop and

Come check out our video together on penis Channel. We'll see you there. Yeah. Thank you