Why Native English Speakers Can't Understand Your English


Hey, what is up naturals, how are you? Welcome to my new office

We're still working on the decor. This video is all about why some people

can't understand


Yes, I don't mean for this to be a negative video

I don't mean for this to be making fun of you or to say that your English is bad

It's not if you can understand me right now

Your English is awesome. But we've all been there. Even when we speak a language really well

Like I speak Portuguese really well

But there have been situations where I'm trying to communicate and the person I'm trying to speak with doesn't

Understand me. So in this video, I'm gonna share many many many many many many different reasons. Why

native English speakers and even other non-native English speakers anyone who's speaking English with you might not

Be able to understand you

sometimes or all the time

Not to make fun of you not to tell you how horrible your English is

but actually to point out these very specific reasons so that you can fix them and you can do better and

Each day, you can improve your English


Because each day you're learning English a little bit more and a little bit more and a little bit more and after this video

You're gonna be a lot better in English

You're gonna be able to fix these errors

That you may be making that may be confusing other people and your English fluency is going to improve

So much. So if it's okay for me to share these points with you, then let's do it

so I remember when I was in Brazil a few months ago, I went to the supermarket and

This memory is the whole reason for this video. I remember I went to the supermarket looking for cilantro and

I actually learned Spanish before I learned Portuguese. So I was thinking cilantro is this same?

in Portuguese big mistake big mistake on my part

I know Portuguese is not the same as Spanish, but sometimes there are some words that are the same for example

Amigo is in Spanish and Portuguese

Hey amigo

Anyway, I wasn't looking for a friend in the supermarket I was looking for

cilantro, which is

Cilantro in English is cilantro in Spanish

But I asked in Brazil for cilantro and the guy the supermarket had no idea what I was talking about

Just like what and I kept saying it a slightly different

cilantro cilantro

Cilantro and you're just like no girl. I don't understand anything you're saying

what are you talking about crazy gringa but

finally after I left the supermarket without

cilantro I

Was able to look up this word in a portuguese dictionary

And I finally realized just not cilantro at all that cilantro in English is Quinto in Portuguese

So yay now, I know how to say his launcher in Portuguese, and I'll never forget because of that situation

but that is one reason why some people may not

Understand you in English because you may be using what's called a false

Cognates or a false friend. We don't want no false friends

Excuse my bad grammar. That's just

You know how we talk sometimes because why not?

We would not like any false friends. Let's

Correct grammar here. All right. This is this is some serious English learning. So be careful of false

Cognates in English. So for example

Another one in French would be like a tongue is not to attend

Although they're very similar. That's a false friend or false cognate in English or like Oh,

Liberty or

Lolly Radia in Spanish is

Not library in English. It's the bookstore

so even though library sounds like love leader dia or


Sorry for my French accent. It's not the same. It's a different thing or like in French

The magazine is not a magazine in English. It's a store

So I think these things are so interesting what I learned actually, is that in a store

They used to sell magazines and maybe that's where the word magazine came from. I don't know. I think it's interesting

so if you know any other false cognates or false friends in

English that come from your language

Write them in the comments. Let's learn from each other

Another reason why people might not be able to understand your English is a lack of correct

syllable stress

stress in English is super important even more important in my opinion than

Pronunciation well stress is a kind of pronunciation. But what I mean is stress is more important than

Individual letter sounds so let me give you an example. I

live in Missouri

which is a state in the middle of the United States if

I said the same sounds but with a different stress it would be

misery not, Missouri

ok, Missouri is the state but

misery means

Sadness, so if I said I live in misery

that's a completely different meaning and

honestly if I just

interjected that into our

Conversation you'd probably think that I had problems

I'm probably depressed and I go I need to go get some help

So people might not understand you if you have the wrong syllable stress, so be careful about that

also, if you have the wrong vowel sound going on in your words vowels are super confusing but also

Very very very important in English. I remember once when I was living in Boston, and I went to a salon and

I wanted to get my eyebrows waxed and the woman there

She was a non-native English speaker in English was super good

But she had some issues with vowel sounds and she asked me if I wanted my brows the sue shit

And I was like the SIM chip. What is that? What is the sim ship brow?

I just wanted a simple, you know brow waxing and I was like, I don't know the sim ship just oh

the same

Shape she was asking if I wanted my brows to be the same shape or if I wanted them to be shaped

Differently ladies, you know what I'm talking about when you go get your brows done. This is very important matter

You don't want any misunderstandings

But I finally figured it out. She's asking if I wanted the same

Shape these are long

Vowel sounds so if you don't make the right vowel sound people might not understand you in English

So be careful with those vowels out there. You could be messing up people's brows. That's that's dangerous

Another reason why some people might not understand your English is actually your English might be from a different

Region, so you might actually know a different English than they do

for example, if you're out here in Missouri where I'm living and you start using British English, you're like

Hey mate want to have a chinwag?

Or what? I'm horrible at British English but a chinwag is not something that someone is gonna understand out here

I think that means to chat if you start using some regional English from

another country like saying mates or a chinwag or to take the

Piss out of someone. That's just something that we don't

Understand out here unless of course

We've been to the UK or Australia or we have more exposure

But if you're speaking in a way, that's not common where you are

Currently some people might not understand you. So keep that in mind when I was teaching English in Japan to

Scientists, I had one of my students super super smart

Woman super brilliant with science and language and everything using really academic

words and once she asked me how


Homeostasis was and she just wanted to ask how are you but instead she was using this really academic words

so if you're using overly academic words

People might not understand what you're saying. So keep it simple. Keep it clear

another reason how people might not understand what you're saying is if you're using

Overly complicated verb tenses. So if you're trying to use these really

Advanced grammar structures and you're like last Tuesday

I had had a taco for dinner. I would be waiting

For you to finish your thought because had-had

Is not really a verb tense that we would just use on its own like that there would be something else

Coming something like you had had a taco and then what?

We just need a simple pass there. I had a taco. That's it. Great. I would love a taco right now. I'm so hungry


Keep it simple. Keep it simple with your vocabulary. Keep it simple with your verb tenses

Let's not overcomplicate things. Let's keep it clear and simple now on the other hand

the final reason and

Possibly most common reason why some other people might not understand your English

It's actually not even about you. It's about

Them when you come to the US

Especially if you come to a smaller city

You may meet people who have never left their city. You may be people who have never been to another country or

Spoken to people who are not from their state

you may meet people who have never spoken to someone who speaks English as a

Second language and there's some things that are a little different about the way that you communicate

They might just not be used to it. So it's actually then they're not used to you and it's not really your fault

So if you meet someone who's never been out of the United States?

Or if you meet someone who has never tried to learn another language or never had the opportunity to learn another language

They don't really know as much as you do about communication

so give them a break be patient explain yourself in different words and

be curious about

What they can teach you and what you can teach them

Anyway, I hope that these suggestions these specific points will help you to understand why some people might not be understanding


Remember, it might not even be about you

But the things that you can control are things like learning about common

vocabulary that we use in different regions

you know use the words that people commonly use where you are think about syllables stress think about

false cognates be careful with those

think about

Using simple tenses. Don't try to over complicate things using academic words

Oh, and of course, keep it clear

keep it simple and speak confidently speak loud enough so that people

Can actually hear you obviously people won't understand what you're saying if they can't hear you in the first place

so be loud be proud make eye contact and

Help other people to understand you because you have so much to share with the world

You are awesome, and we want to know all about you where you're from your life

So let's keep it going. If you like this video if you found it helpful

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