Learn the Cockney accent with Jason Statham


You're asking me about Cockney accent?

Did you know a "Cockney" used to be a pejorative term for the working class

Yeah. Nonsense! It is the accent of the true Londoner

Who's a true Londoner?

If you're thinking of that guy in Mary Poppins

Nonsense, that is an American impostor,

He is not British. He is not a real Londoner!

Now, if you're thinking of Michael Caine...

He is a true Londoner!

He's a Cockney, and he's a legend

But how do you speak like a Cockney you ask?

Well my son there are a few rules you have to follow

if you want to sound like a true Londoner.

First one is that "Schwa" sound my good friend Aly taught ya!

that's the "UH" sound.

With a Cockney accent, it is more pronounced.

Regular person might say "Doctor"

But a Cockney says it "DoctAAAHH"

Same as in Stronger" "Faster" "Harder"




That brings us to our next point,

Hs? Don't need em! Get rid of em!

Any word that begins with an H sound,

Get rid of that H!

Don't need you, H! Never have! You're useless!

Words like: "Who" "Have" "House"

we don't use the Hs! Get rid of them!


For example:

Remember my good friend Aly's lessons?

You learned that "L"sounds can sometimes sound like a "W"

For example in these words:

"Hell" should be pronounced Cockney accent

like "Hew"

should become

Another thing...

My good friend Aly made you a video about the "Glottal T"

This is the T sound which is replaced by the sound in the middle of 'Uh-Oh'

The "Uh---" sound

Words like:

should sound like:

The T stops in the throat

So none of this:


Should be:

Remember to use the Glottal T

the L that sounds like a W, and that big 'schwa' sound.

Other words could include:

Don't know how much more I should tell you mate.

Can tell you this, though

There are two types of 'TH' sounds in English

The 'voiced' which sounds like a:

They have a vibration in the throat

For example in words like:

Those 'TH' sounds will be replaced by a V sound

For example:

The other 'TH' sound is UNvoiced, and that sounds like:

Like in:

and they should be replaced by Fs


and in some words like:

We just don't say the TH sounds all the time

Just because...

Next thing to remember

sounds come from around the sides of the mouth

So for example:

should be more of an:

Around the sides of the mouth

'OR' sounds become like:

For example:

Should become like:

Words which have the 'AI' sound

We don't say them like 'AI'

We say them like:

For example:

sounds like

Also us cockneys, we prefer to say "me" instead of "my"

For example

Probably wouldn't say that

Notice again

and we don't use Hs because who needs them.

Also a Cockney's quite partial to double negatives

and using the third person in reverse.

For example

You want some money?

and third persons, we usually use them in reverse

For example

Keep it under your hat, yeah?

But we have our words for things

For example

To say someone's attractive

To say the opposite, to say someone's ugly:

They are 'A minger'

You wanna talk about money

You're talking about your dough, your dosh, mate!

Us cockneys like to check for understanding in a conversation

by asking this question:


You want a test, bruv?

see how Cockney you are?

Look at these sentences

How would you, as a Cockney, say these?

Think that's all I can tell you for now