ESL, Osnovni nivo

Vocabulary Practice: Going to the Beach!

Hi, Jean. I was wondering if you'd like to go to the beach with me today. It's supposed to be hot and ......... all day long.
Sure! I would love to, Amanda. Do you want me to bring my beach ......... in case we want to sit in some shade if it gets too hot?
That sounds like a good idea, Jean. Do you have any ......... lotion? I don't want to get a sunburn while we're out there and I don't think I have any at the moment.
Yes, I do have some, Amanda. I'll bring it with me. Are you bringing your ......... with you? I heard the waves will be perfect today and I would love to try my new one out.
Actually, I'm not going to bring mine with me. I hurt my ankle playing ......... at the beach last weekend so I'm going to let it completely heal before I go surfing again.
Well, if your ankle is still bothering you, why don't I bring some beach ......... and we'll lay out and get a suntan today?
Sounds great, Jean! Do you know if it's supposed to be windy today? If it's not, I'll pack us a picnic lunch. I hate it when a bunch of ......... gets blown all over my food.
Are you going to wear your new ......... suit, Amanda? I also got a new one last week and I'm looking forward to wearing it.
Yes, I am. Do you still have that ......... ball? It might be fun to hit around while we are swimming in the water.
Sure, I'll bring that too. Also, don't forget your .......... I forgot mine last time I went to the beach and was squinting for so long that I got a headache afterwards. I'll pick you up at 10 o'clock.