ESL, Osnovni nivo

Vocabulary Practice: Halloween (1)

On Halloween, people usually dress up in various and strange .......... These are outfits that people don't usually wear and they do this to celebrate this mysterious holiday.
Halloween is celebrated in ......... on the 31st day of the month.
Children really like Halloween because they can dress up and take part in an activity where they go from house to house and collect candy from the residents who are home at the time. When the children approach the homes, they yell "Trick or .........!"
In order to celebrate Halloween, some people carve .......... These are large, round, orange vegetables that are harvested in autumn.
People usually use the outer shells of these large vegetables as Halloween dcor. They scoop out the meaty part of the vegetables, carve out faces, put candles inside of them and then place them in a window or on a porch on Halloween. These are called ......... o'Lanterns.
A popular game at Halloween parties is called ......... for apples. This is when people try to grab an apple — that is floating in a tub of water — with only their mouths. Usually, there are many apples floating inside the tub and the participants' must keep their hands behind their backs.
Sometimes, people will also decorate their houses so that they look like dark, scary, ......... houses. These are meant to look like old houses that ghosts inhabit.
Sometimes, children and adults alike will dress up as .......... This costume is simple to make because all you need is a white sheet with cut-out holes for your eyes, nose and mouth. This outfit is meant to symbolize people who have died and are stuck between worlds.
Dracula, an evil ........., is a symbol of Halloween. Legendary stories say that Count Dracula turns into a bat at midnight and sucks humans' blood.
Halloween is celebrated in the fall at ......... time. This is when the food, that farmers have planted and grown all summer long, is ready to be picked and eaten.