ESL, Osnovni nivo

Real Life: Occupations (2)

My friend is a school ......... driver. She picks up children on her daily route. She drives them to school safely in the morning and then she picks them up again in the afternoon once they've finished school.
Dave is a ......... person. He delivers packages to businesses in the downtown area everyday. Sometimes, I see him riding on his bike as he tries to get his packages delivered in a timely manner.
Josephine is a bank .......... She works in a bank and she is usually the first person customers see when they walk through the door. She helps people with deposits, withdrawals and other daily banking needs.
Isaac is a .......... He works for the city and puts out fires. He rides in a large truck that has long water hoses and other important equipment so he can extinguish fires.
My uncle is a train .......... He is the supervisor and rides at the back of the train. He is there to ensure that the train runs properly and on time.
Mike is a .......... He works in a school and cleans up after the students. He makes sure that all of the classrooms, hallways and desks are clean for the students and teachers each day. Sometimes, he is also called a custodian.
Sarah is a .......... She handles all of the correspondence for the manager in her office. She is also responsible for the filing and meeting arrangements as well as other clerical duties such as answering the phone. Her position is also known as an administrative assistant.
Henry cuts men's hair at the small shop that he owns. He is a ......... and has had some regular customers for years.
Keith is a .......... He is an enlisted member of the armed forces and he serves and protects his country under the command of a sergeant.
Krista is a professional .......... She mainly works for the ballet company in her city. She takes part in beautiful performances twice a year and also teaches ballet to young girls on a weekly basis.