TOEIC, Reč po značenju


v. to plan; to design; to name; to call
v. to describe; to depict; to portray; to outline
v. to happen; to take place; to transpire; to come to mind; to suggest itself
v. to revise; to alter; to make changes and corrections prior to printing
v. to disturb; to confuse; to worry; to divert; to amuse
v. to put a sum of money in a bank for safekeeping; to pay in part; to set down
v. to devote oneself to a particular profession or field of study; to limit
v. to control; to rule; to command
v. to impose a tax upon; to purify; to make thin or thinner; to reduce; to clarify
v. to guide; to lead; to instruct; to manage; to supervise