TOEIC, Reč po značenju


v. to be plentiful; to be filled with; to overflow with
v. to compile; to increase; to accumulate; to grow
v. to exchange a check (or another money order) for coins and bank notes; to redeem
v. to raise money for; to provide with funds; to fund; to pay for
v. to fix; to mend; to correct a problem or malfunction
v. to give assignments; to overburden; to strain
v. to shape; to create; to design; to arrange; to be created
v. to pave the way; to create a path; to guide; to initiate; to originate
v. to fall on; to storm; to invade; to attack; to seize; to assault
v. to earn income; to make financial gains; to be of service; to be beneficial