ESL, Napredni nivo

English Slang Idioms (148)

"Now, James, don't climb on your ......... and start preaching about how our society is harming the planet through our use of fossil fuels just because this couple mentioned wanting to buy a six-cylinder car," Matt told his brother.
"You have to give her time. She doesn't want to jump into a relationship quickly. She had a rough time with her last boyfriend. You know the saying, once bitten, twice .........,' Jay?" Rachel asked her friend.
"Did you hear about the seven kids on the football team who overdosed on drugs? Apparently, one kid brought the drugs to the game and pressured several members of the team to take them. Someone needs to get that kid away from the team. As you can see, it only takes one bad ......... to spoil the bunch," Mr. Jackson told the school board.
Tommy was pleased with the outcome of the chess game he had played with his next-door neighbor. He set a nice trap for his opponent and in one ......... swoop, he stole his opponent's queen, both rooks and a knight. After that, it did not take much time to end the game.
After Joe's neighbor thanked him for his part in helping his neighbor build a shed, Joe replied, "Well, you helped me build my deck. It was the least I could do to repay the favor. One good turn ......... another."
When asked why he had sought out a partnership to patent and market his idea instead of doing these tasks on his own, he replied, "My partner helps me see opportunities and ideas I might have missed on my own and has been invaluable in keeping me motivated. It is in many ways easier and more beneficial to do things as a team effort. One hand ......... the other, you know?"
Although his car was not new, it was somewhat unique in that it had a strange paintjob. His friends didn't think that anyone would want to buy it since it was comparatively priced with other, nicer cars. He thought to himself, "Someone will buy this car. Someone will appreciate the unique paint job and will agree that one man's ........., is another's gain."
"You are the only one in our age group who does not like rap music. Why is that?" Melissa asked. Jake replied, "One man's ........., is another man's poison. I can't explain it too well but rap just doesn't appeal to my sense of taste."
His roommate asked him why he was driving his old VCR down to the local thrift shop instead of throwing it away. His roommate said to him that no one could possibly want an old, beat-up VCR when DVDs were the prevalent medium for movies. He replied, "I think someone who has a lot of old movies on VHS tapes might want it. Besides, one man's trash is another man's .......... Someone might have a use for this that I can't see right now."
"I thought of the invention and applied for the patent. After I received the patent, I obtained my own financing through loans and did my own marketing for my product. I guess you can say that I am kind of a one-man .........," Mr. Jenkins told the reporter.