ESL, Napredni nivo

Real Life: Environmental Terms (5)

We all have to think about the environment more and we should try to ......... away less garbage by reducing, reusing and recycling. If you discard of less material, our landfills won't fill up as quickly and less pollutants will be put into our important environment.
A safe and environmentally-friendly way to protect plants during the colder months is to use .......... This consists of leaves, straw and, sometimes, compost that is spread out over plants in order to protect them from cold temperatures and chilly winds during the winter season.
A good alternative to buying ......... water, that always comes in plastic packaging, is to buy a good filtration system that one can use in his/her home on a regular basis. That way, less plastic ends up in our landfills.
Plant life is also called ......... in environmental sectors. This makes up the entire vegetation/plant life that is found in any given area.
If something is ........., it is polluted or dirtied in some way. Sometimes, our fresh waterways are polluted and no longer safe to drink.
Some scientists believe that an increase in air pollution in recent years has caused more ......... cases in small children. This is a medical condition and the symptoms include trouble breathing, constriction of air passages in the chest and coughing usually brought on by allergy symptoms.
Many environmentalists are trying to preserve all forests but, especially, ......... or old growth forests that are more than 200 years old and contain a wide variety of plant and animal life.
The ......... is scientifically referred to as a large layer of air that surrounds the earth and supports and maintains all life forms on earth. That's why air pollution is so dangerous.
......... vehicles are becoming more popular today. These are vehicles that employ electrical technology (energy that is created by recharged batteries powered by electrical outlets) as their engines' main power supply.
......... is referred to as a chemical fog that is caused by air pollution that reacts with the sun's ultraviolet rays. This is noticeable in large cities.