ESL, Napredni nivo


According to ........., few monuments appear to be as intriguing as Stonehenge. Speculation as to its purpose ranges frombeing a place for the study of astronomy, or as seasonal time-clock or even as place of worship.
Are these massive ......... stones still evidence of the remains of an ancient edifice or has modern reconstruction reshaped and rebuilt them too much?
No one can definitively say how Stonehenge should look. What began as a U-shape arrangement 4, 0000 years ago, has been ......... into circles, ovals and horseshoe shapes.
Acts of vandalism, weather and souvenir hunters have caused serious ......... to the monument with villagers even grinding up pieces of the stones to line their wells.
One of the greatest challenges to preserving Stonehenge was felt by Sir Edmund Antrobus. Under the guidance of Professor William Gowl, he hired men to restore what had not been accomplished in four ..........
Most of the ......... that had fallen in the late 1700's and early 1900's were finally lifted into place after the invention of a huge crane capable of lifting the mammoth rocks.
At the end of the restoration, most of Stonehenge was now secured as the monoliths were ......... in a 36 inch deep nest of cement. From a distance, an observer would see the stones much as they had looked in the 16th century.
However, in 1963 a ......... accidentally hit a sharp blow to stone 22 while moving it from its original chalk socket. It fell down and wasn't righted until the following year. This was the last huge task used in the restoration of Stonehenge.
Not far from Stonehenge another megalith was in danger of disappearing. Millionaire Alexander Keiller bought the village of Avebury which included the Avebury Stone Circles. He set about rescuing the stones from their ......... state.
These circles are a combination of ditches, earthworks and standing stones about a mile in circumference. Keiller relocated the ......... who lived in the inner part of the circle and had all the ramshackle buildings torn down. Next, he restored all the buried stones, re-erecting them to the places they once stood.