ESL, Napredni nivo

Real Life: Money Related Terms (1)

The CEO is very happy because the company finally turned a ......... this quarter. Now, the company is making money.
Some investors refuse to put their money into the stock market. Instead, they buy ......... and try to make money by buying and selling houses, apartments and land. However, this is also a risky investment strategy.
That painting is very ......... because it is old and very rare. It's worth a lot of money but we don't want to sell it right now.
There are not many ......... people in this world if you compare this amount to the number of middle and lower class folks. The most affluent people live in large homes and own businesses, property and yachts.
The ......... of that ring is very high. It's made from rare stones.
I don't think that home is ......... $400,000. We just saw one that is bigger and in a similar neighborhood last week and it was half that amount. I think we should go with the former one because it is bigger and has a better yard.
That necklace is .......... That guy lied to you and told you those were real diamonds but they are fake diamonds. That necklace is not worth a dime!
Buying that house is a ......... of money right now. The neighborhood is really bad and it's going to take years to build it up into a respectable, pricey area. Don't throw away your money. Invest in something else.
My friend is .......... He has no money and his wife threw him out of their house last week. He also lost his job the week before that. I told him he could stay with us until he finds another job. Poor guy!
If someone is a ........., he/she is very stingy and miserly. This means that he/she doesn't like to spend or donate money.