ESL, Napredni nivo

Prepositional Phrases - In, On, Out and Under (16)

I just can't seem to find a job. I have been ......... of work since the automobile plant closed five weeks ago and no one seems to need my skill set at the moment.
Are you surprised that he bragged about himself all the way through dinner? That is definitely ......... character for him. He always tends to brag about himself whenever he is around new people he doesn't know.
He figured he would be able to sneak onto the grounds and into the building later on that night. He doubted that the sentries would be able to see him enter the property if he wore dark clothing and moved ......... the cover of the moonless sky.
I am sorry to report that I don't have any new information for you regarding your grant proposal. I am still waiting ......... the approval of my manager before I can take the proposal to the committee meeting.
Joe, if you keep starting fights in jail, we will put you ......... solitary confinement for a month.
No, you do not need to give us your social security number again. We still have it ......... file from your previous appointment.
When used ......... combination with the new lithium ion batteries, our power tool is superior in strength to those made by our competitors.
Soldiers in the US Army are not permitted to get intoxicated while ......... uniform.
This project was doomed from the beginning. It started out .........-funded and has had its budget cut several times. There is just not enough money allocated to it for it to work.
We can't use his confession. He admitted to the crime while ......... duress. Apparently, the police officers hit him and threatened to keep hurting him if he didn't sign the form.