ESL, Napredni nivo

Real Life: Giving Speeches (2)

When Simon got to work, his boss told him that he had to give an ......... speech about his current project immediately. Simon didn't know about the speech in advance and was completely unprepared for the sudden presentation.
Simon couldn't believe that he had to give a presentation at that very moment. He hated giving unrehearsed speeches and, certainly, preferred organized and ......... presentations.
When preparing for a slide presentation, many people will make lists using ......... points to denote the beginning of each tip or theme that will be covered during the talk.
If you have to give a sudden, improvised speech, remember to stay calm during the presentation and don't ......... from the main points. Don't start talking about unrelated things. Stay on topic and you will be fine.
Also, during a .........-of-the-moment speech, remember to take deliberate, short pauses if you need time to think about what you are going to say next. The audience will think that you are pausing in order to give them a chance to digest the material you just introduced.
Another word for an unrehearsed speech is an ......... presentation. This means that the speaker is unprepared and will improvise and ad lib most of the speech.
During any speech, there should always be a clear introduction followed by the ......... of the presentation. This is usually the bulkiest part of the speech that comes before the conclusion.
Try to always be enthusiastic and ......... during any speech. People will remember you fondly because your optimistic attitude and they will likely come back to listen to future presentations if they enjoyed themselves.
The people who are listening to a presentation are known as the ......... members. They can also be referred to as spectators.
If you are going to use ......... or witty remarks and jokes, try to use them near the end of your presentation in order to give the audience a chance to get comfortable with you.