ESL, Napredni nivo

Real Life: Scams and Fraud (2)

Don't be pressured or fooled into buying something from a high-......... salesman. That is an old trick that sales people use. They think that if they apply a lot of stress and force people into making quick decisions, those same people will feel compelled to buy their products.
I'm not sure if I trust that salesman. He comes across as a little ......... to me and there is something that I don't trust about him.
Everyone should be wary of online advertisements and should be careful in some online ......... rooms as well. Sometimes, there are predators who try to dupe unsuspecting people in these online rooms or forums.
My friend received an email about an online ......... opportunity that promised a 200% return on his money. It turned out to be fraudulent and he nearly lost his entire nest egg.
I don't think that I trust their claims and I'm not even sure whether that company is ......... or not. I'm going to call the Better Business Bureau to get more information about the company's history and legal claims.
He's pretty honest and seems like a ......... witness to the online crimes. Let's use him to testify for the victims of the financial scam so that we can put away these fraudsters for good.
Several people ......... themselves as honest, hard-working folks who had some great online investment ideas. It turns out that they have deceiving people for years.
Before I make an promises about this investment you are proposing, I would like to see more of your ......... record. I want to know how your business has been doing, financially, for the past five years and I also want a copy of your business plan projection for the next ten years.
I knew that email was .........! It sounded like it was too good to be true and it was! I never trusted it for a second because it sounded like it was a lie from the start.
Some sales people are ......... and will do whatever it takes to make a sale. They will even be completely dishonest about the facts just so they can take your money.