ESL, Napredni nivo

Robinson Crusoe

The novel, Robinson Crusoe was written by Daniel Defoe. Its fictional character must use his ......... to survive more than 25 years on a remote island.
The plot of the story has Crusoe sailing on a ship in September in 1651. He ......... capture by pirates and becomes a slave for two years before escaping.
His ......... journeys include two shipwrecks and isolation on an island. Crusoe takes supplies, broken wood, rope, and guns from the ship before it sinks.
Although Robinson eagerly looks for ships on the horizon each day, he is also cautious, knowing that ......... pirates patrol the sea.
Finally, he ......... himself to the fact that rescue might never happen. Crusoe starts a garden, hunts and makes clothes from animal skins.
Somehow, the ......... Crusoe is able to solve numerous tasks for his survival. Through "trial and error" he bakes bread, makes soap, and evencreates medicine from island plants.
Several years pass in ......... until Crusoe manages to rescue a prisoner from cannibals who land on the island. The grateful man wants to be his slave, but Crusoe has experienced enough of degrading slavery and prefers to treat him as a companion.
The publication of Robinson Crusoe was an instant success, but controversy as to possible ......... arose, when several authors published similar stories.
Henry Pitman had written of his adventures while being ......... on a volcanic island. His story had been widely publicized. Although, reading audiences compared the two editions, they seemed to prefer the excitement and details in DeFoe's version.
The ......... of opinion seemed to be that Daniel Defoe must have used Pitman's book as a source as there were so many descriptive features in common, including the titles. However, he continued to deny being influenced by anything other than his imagination.