ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (66)

"You'd better watch out for the boss today. She seems to be in a bad mood. I just saw her go into her office and her face is like .........," Lilly said to Mary.
"I know we're supposed to think all babies are cute, but Pete and Paula's is not. Their baby is one that only a mother could .........," Wilson said to his wife.
"Don't accept that car at ......... value, Lewis. Take it to a mechanic and see what he thinks. There may be a lot of problems you don't know about," his brother said.
The time had come to face his ......... and climb the telephone pole. He had been afraid of heights for years, but that fear was holding him back from advancement in the cable company.
His daughter was turning twelve and he would have to talk to her about the facts of ......... soon. She was going to have a sex education class in school, but he thought she should hear about sex from her parents first.
Don't give up on your business even if it hasn't made you any money yet. Failure is the ......... of success. Thomas Edison failed many times before inventing the light bulb.
"You have to ask her to the dance if you want to go with her. Stop being so shy. Faint ......... never won fair lady, Keenan," Wes told him.
"We had a bet that whoever lost the race would pay the other ten dollars. So pay up, because I beat you fair and .........," Pauline told her.
They'd spent a lot of time together in the past, but as soon as she told Maxie thatshe really needed a friend to talk to, Max said that he felt tired and wanted to go see a movie instead. She didn't need ......... friends like Max.
She wanted to improve high school education in America. Too many kids fell by the ......... and ended up without a diploma or a fair chance of success in society.