ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (307)

"The used cars salesman tried to ......... this junky, old car off on me when I told him I only had $3,000 to spend. I left after that. I know I can get a decent car for that price and I was insulted that he thought I would want that pile of junk," Kyle said to Alex.
"I got passed ......... on that promotion at work. It's the third time it's happened. I told the boss I am quitting and finding a job that will offer me more opportunities to advance," Paul told his wife.
"Adam, you are not in a position to pass ......... on my house. You live in a place that was purchased for you by your wife's parents. Therefore, don't talk to me about something we have earned," Chris said.
"I can't believe the nerve of Adam; talking about how our house is too small and not as nice as his. He has no ......... to talk if he had to buy a place with his own money, it would be twice as small and old as ours," Chris said to Linda.
"How did you do on the final exam in Accounting last semester? I passed with ......... colors," Jones said to Kyle.
"Michael Jordan used to be the best basketball player on earth. He is still good but he is past his ......... in my opinion," Alex said to Ned.
"Thanks for those manuals, Boss, I read them last night and now I have the maintenance process for the dishwasher down .........," Jerry said.
"Good job on getting that big contract from that huge firm. Give yourself a pat on the ......... for that one," Amy told her team member.
"I am going out with Sarah again. We ......... it up between us about a week ago and we are now closer than ever," Brent told his Mom.
He was thankful that America offered a grant to poor people to go to college. The grant had ......... the way to a degree and a good job. He was now a computer analyst and making good money.