ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (428)

"Greg is hilarious, but he has the worst language of anyone I know. He swears like a(n) .......... I'm embarrassed to be around him in mixed company," Shirley told Tony.
"We've put off talking about the discrepancies in the operating accounts for too long. Let's ......... that issue before we go on to anything else," said the Chief Accountant.
"We have to figure out a way to deal with the product recall in the press. Our stocks ......... a nosedive over the weekend and the stockholders are worried,"the CEOsaid to the board.
"Your section isn't off track? Your platoon sergeant should have been the one to inform me of that. It takes ......... for a private to tell a first sergeant that he's wrong," First Sergeant Jones told Private Harrison.
"If you talk back to me one more time, I'm going to take you out to the .........," Bill threatened his son.
"Confess to the neighbors what you did. If you don't, I'll tell on you. I'm not going to take the ......... for breaking the window when I had nothing to do with it," Brian said to his brother.
"Just be sure that you can take the ......... with the smooth before deciding to marry her. Don't think that you can change any of her behavior you don't like," Jake warned his son.
"I don't want one of those tables that you have to put together when you get home. I want a ready-......... table that's all in one piece," Jesse said to Kara.
"Wow! Bob said he's going to give me his old table saw!" Jeff enthused. Nick replied, "Don't believe it until you see it. Talk is ........., you know."
"We should get Mark to ask the teacher if we can drink soda in class. She might let us if her favorite student, her teacher's ........., asks her," Joey said to Donny.