ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (155)

She was looking forward to a hot bath all day. By the time she was able to get into the bath after putting the kids to sleep the bath water was .......... It figured.
He thought that his brother made a strange choice in life partners. He was tall, good-looking and rich. She, in his opinion, was kind of a ......... Jane with average intelligence, no money and little.
"I have been looking forward to a hot cup of coffee all day. Knowing my ........., the restaurant will say that their coffee machine is broken," Todd told Steven.
"Your first plan will not work due to the fact that my truck is broken down. What is ......... B?" He asked his roommate.
A secretary with a ......... smile was waiting to greet customers. She didn't look as happy as the smile indicated.
"So if I don't agree to help you get a job at the company I work for, you are going to call the city and tell them that I built my shed without a permit? You really play for ........., don't you?" Bill asked Adam.
"I am sorry that I couldn't wait for you to get here before starting the presentation. I tried to ......... for time by asking everyone to introduce themselves but the regional manager asked me to start," Jill told her boss.
"I thought you liked Jake and wanted to go out with him. Why didn't you talk to him more while he was sitting at our table? Were you just playing ......... to get?" Allison asked Beth.
"I am sorry that I didn't get the project in to you sooner. As you know, my workstation has a virus. Unfortunately, the virus has been ......... havoc with all of my saved files," Brent told Steve.
His son was grounded again. Except this time, it was for playing ......... from school.