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English Slang Idioms (437)

"Hannah's pretty dumb, isn't she? I asked her what we should do about the economy and she said, 'Buy the giant size'," Carl laughed. Vince growled, "If you keep running ......... at the mouth about my wife, we're going to have problems!"
"Before you go, can you give me the .........down on what all you did during your shift and what happened while you were on duty?" Specialist Mitchell asked PFC Thompson.
"What did you say? Will you run that ......... me again?" The shift supervisor asked the manager during the conference call.
"Let's run ......... the agenda and then take a quick poll to see how everyone feels about trying to finish the meeting a little early," Helen said to the committee.
"Is it true that your boyfriend had another run-......... with the police? You seriously need to find someone who is more law-abiding and stable," Veronica's dad cautioned her.
"The DVD came with an hour-long piece on where and how the movie was made, with a running ......... by the actors describing some of the problems they had during the filming," Linda said to Ashley.
"I know you want to renovate, but you shouldn't spend that much money. It might look better, but it'll still be an old, small mobile home that is not worth much. You can't make a silk purse out of a ......... ear," Paul said to Chris.
"I'm glad you apologized for what you said, but that doesn't really take the words back. You can't ......... a bell," Brian said to Amber.
"I can't believe this drill broke the second time I used it, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I bought it for $10 and you get what you ......... for," Jared said to Luke.
"My sister just told me she is getting married! I was so surprised that you could have knocked me down with a .......... I didn't even know she was dating anyone," Jay said to his friend Paul.