ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (244)

"Nothing hits the ......... on a hot day like a cold glass of lemonade," Chris said to Linda.
"Unfortunately, the drill you brought with you is not powerful enough for what we need to do. We need a more heavy-......... drill that can drill through concrete and I believe I have one in my shed. Let me go check," Billy said to David.
With a heavy ........., he brought his guitar into the pawn shop. It was the last thing of value he owned but he needed money for rent. The guitar was a present from his parents when he was 16 years-old and he loved to play it.
"Our boss discovered that someone has been stealing office supplies at an alarming rate. He called each of us into his office and put us through the ......... about how many supplies we have taken lately, what we used them for, and how many we currently have," Rodney told his wife.
"Our boss is hell-on-......... every Monday morning. I pity the person who has to ask him a question or has to work directly with him on Monday Mornings. That person is sure to be screamed at or belittled," Jack said to Elizabeth.
"We haven't apprehended the suspect yet but we have him pretty well .........-in. We have each of the exits covered in the building he is holed up in and it is only a matter of time before he is in custody," Sergeant O'Brian told the reporter.
"I asked Tim why he hadn't delivered my gravel for my driveway and he just hemmed and .......... I think he forgot to deliver it since he couldn't come up with an explanation," Bill said to Sarah.
"The movie we wanted to watch isn't playing here and nothing else looks very good. Let's ......... out of here and get something to eat instead," Tom said to Beth.
"You keep bringing up past fights we have had. I don't think that we are going to make any progress by bringing up things we can't change. But we can make progress on this disagreement so let's focus on the here and .........," Billy told Rebecca.
He had been afraid of heights all of his life. So, naturally, when his friends dared him to jump off of the rock and into the lake, he was a bit nervous. After five minutes of edging up to the end of the rock, he said to himself, "Here goes .........," and jumped. It turned out to be not as bad as he was anticipating.