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English Slang Idioms (78)

"I can't start the project until I get the ......... from my boss. He should have an answer for me later today," Mike told the client.
"Come on! We have been waiting for you to start your presentation for twenty minutes! Let's get the ......... on the road!" A disgruntled member of the audience yelled at the presenter.
"You have to get a ......... on yourself, Mark. Getting drunk is not going to help. Losing your job isn't the end of the world. You will get another one soon," his wife told him.
"That guy has to get a hold of .......... I know that he was embarrassed in front of a client but cussing at the staff and locking himself in the bathroom is not acceptable," the boss told her assistant.
"I like Sarah. She has a lot of get up and ..........' She is always ready to start work when she gets here and is good at motivating people in the morning," the boss told her assistant.
"If you get ......... of any job opportunities in your department, forward an application onto me as soon as possible," Roger said. He was sick of working in his department and wanted a new challenge.
His wife got her ......... in a bunch at the party when John's wife told her that the weight she gained recently looked good on her. She immediately wanted to go home and vowed never to talk to John or his wife ever again.
"Don't let the bully get your .......... Don't let him make you angry. That's what he wants you to do," Billy told Neil.
Once he found out that members of the department were stealing, they pressured him to get his hands ......... as well. He thought they wanted this so that he wouldn't tell on them.
"I am still trying to get my head ......... the fact that my best friend and his wife are getting a divorce. They have been together as long as I can remember and they always seemed so happy," Matt told his sister.