ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (254)

"I hear that you are in the ......... for a new car. My friend has a Honda Accord that he is selling for a good price, if you are interested. He is selling it because he is going to work overseas for a couple of years," Matt told Brendan.
"I need you to get me a new pair of chemical boots without telling anyone or writing it down. I know that is hard for you to do, but you owe me a favor. I took it in the ......... for you when you didn't show up for formation. I told the First Sergeant that it was my fault because I forgot to tell you about it," Sergeant James told Specialist Watson.
It is always sad when someone dies, in the ......... of his or her life, due to a car accident caused by a drunk driver.
Politicians have to carefully monitor their behavior and words almost every minute of each day because they are in the public .......... What they say and do is reported in the newspapers and on television, even when the politician thinks no one is watching.
"You had better watch your ......... around here. If you are late again or make another mistake in your work, you might get fired. I know you are new and you don't know how things work, but the boss has zero tolerance for tardy behavior and silly mistakes. Wanda got fired for missing a day, and she worked here for ten years," Maggie told Justine.
"I believe I was in the ......... to fire Justin for being late, even if it was only the third time. I owe it to the stockholders and to the public to make sure both are getting what they paid for," Justine's boss told middle management.
He felt that he had a good career. He had been in the ......... for mayor twice and once for senator. He served one term as the mayor of his town and made a decent living during the rest of his working years.
"I don't understand you right now. First you say you are sorry for the way you acted, and, then in the same ........., you tell me that the way you acted is all my fault. Can you please explain which it is?" Joe asked Michelle.
Many people want to be rich and famous. He just wanted to be rich. He found that being in the ......... was more trouble than it was worth. Everything a famous person says and does is scrutinized by a good portion of society.
"We went out on the lake in our canoe and everything was going fine until Steve dropped his cigar in the boat. When he reached down to grab it, he tipped the boat. We both ended up in the ........., and it was cold today!" Jim told his girlfriend.