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English Slang Idioms (246)

"Our new product's success ......... on getting a patent for the electronics inside. We were unable to do so due to the fact that someone else already owns the rights to the electronic system. We are currently trying to contact the owner to see if he will sell his idea to us," Matt told management.
"I am usually pretty useless at work in the early morning. I usually hit my ......... after being there for about an hour," Kim told Gina.
Matt told his paintball team to hit the ......... as the other team came around the corner unloading their paintball guns on his team.
Carl hit the .......... He found the guitar he wanted for one eighth the cost of a new one in a local pawn shop. This pawn shop was the 15th one he had checked for this particular kind of guitar.
"Our boss is an alcoholic. As soon as he gets off work, he starts hitting the .......... We have seen him drunk within an hour after work on three different occasions in the past month," Lesley told Erica.
Some people in the United States wonder if, perhaps, President Bush declared war on Iraq to steal some of their Texas ..........
He liked Paul and invited him to dinner. He was shocked and a little bit angry when Paul blatantly ......... on his wife in front of him. Paul even invited his wife to dinner without him.
"I am sorry, Son. I wouldn't be doing you any favors if I paid all of your bills every time you got into trouble. You, like all of us, have to hoe your own .........," Dan told his kid.
"Stop trying to hold me .......... I am going to go to college and am going to get out of this town where there is nowhere to work. I am not going to end up like everyone else in the family just making enough money to scrape by," Josh told his older brothers.
"We are never going to work this out between us if you keep losing your .......... We can't talk for five minutes without you getting mad and stomping off," Dana said to Garrett.