ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (95)

He would never forget his first night in Army Basic Training with the others. They had hit the ground ......... as soon as they had arrived on the base. It hadn't mattered that it was 2 o'clock in the morning.
He knew that he had ......... the mark when he asked the politician where she got her campaign money. He knew that there was a story there after the politician failed to give a good explanation.
Camping with his best friend had been fun. He knew that he better pack up and ......... the road soon if he was to get to work on time.
"When they first got here, they were undisciplined and couldn't work together as a team. Now they are like a hive of worker ......... they function together as a single unit," the First Sergeant told the Commander at the Basic Training site.
"Some people believe that a woman's choice to have cosmetic surgery is more of a Hobson's ......... than an exercise of free will since there is so much pressure on women in our society to look beautiful," the professor said to the class.
"So, you got hoisted on your .......... I was wondering when you were going to get fired. No offense, but you are lazy, you call in sick too often, and you don't care enough," her mother told her.
"I don't know if we will be able to defeat the other side. They have more troops and supplies. They also have better intelligence. They seem to be holding all the .........," the sergeant told the sergeant major.
"Thanks, you guys, for not doing any work on the group project. You left me holding the ......... and I am never going to work with any of you again," Steve told the others.
He was still mad at his friends. They had all promised Miss Grady that they would help her build a shed and he was the only one that had shown up. In addition to being mad about being stuck holding the ........., he had a sore back.
"I have to go get more food and drinks for the party. Will you ......... the fort until I get back and make sure that nothing gets broken?" Todd asked his roommate.