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English Slang Idioms (88)

"Wipe that ......... expression off your face, private! You can't leave the base this weekend due to the field exercise and that's it! Suck it up and drive on," the platoon sergeant said to a forlorn Private Gonzales.
"You want to go camping all weekend and I want to reorganize the house this weekend. Maybe we can find a happy .......... We can go camping for one day and organize the next day," his wife said.
"I think we should ask Sergeant Maxwell to represent us on the Army boxing team. He is smart, experienced and hard as .........," Sergeant Major Elkins said to Major McKutchins.
"I am sick of these ......... sell' tactics that salesmen and women are using these days. If I ask a simple question about how a product works, all of a sudden I am being told about what accessories I need to purchase for it," Bill complained to his wife.
"To answer your question, succulent plants are very hard to ......... by around here since it is so cold. You might be able to order them on the internet," the nursery representative said to Chris.
"I am sorry, Tommy. I will pay you back by the end of the week. I am a little hard ......... at the moment. My car broke down and I had to spend all of my money on repairs. I get paid on Friday, though," Max told him.
"I know you want to get this job done but you are going too fast. You have already ruined five good boards by not taking your time cutting them — ......... makes waste," the foreman told Luke.
"After that ......... job on my family by the press, I have no chance of getting elected," the gubernatorial candidate told the political party.
"Nice hat ........., Josh. You have landed three major clients for this firm in a row. You are do for a promotion soon," the boss told him.
"You are going to have a ......... at the farmers' market this Saturday. There are going to be three booths selling succulent plants and I know that you have wanted to buy some for a while," his wife told him.