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English Slang Idioms (295)

"With your support, we stand an even better chance of getting this law passed. We already have a lot of important people backing this bill. Event the president is on .........," Mr. Brice told Mr. Hansford.
"I will come to work for your company on the ......... that I can leave work at 3 o'clock every day to pick up my child after school," Cindy told the manager.
"I would love to come for a drink with you but I am ......... duty at the moment and am not permitted to drink. I get off work in three hours," the cop told the attractive woman.
"You are going to move to the middle of nowhere in Alaska. What ......... reason can you have for doing that?" Marcie's friend Jessica asked.
He just hoped that he could get the patent and start production soon. After five years of hard work at night on his invention after working his regular job, he was ready to live on ......... street.
"I like it when my mom comes to visit but not when my dad accompanies her. He always puts me on .......... I feel like he is always judging me or that I am deficient in his eyes and must argue my worth to him," Julia said to Frank.
"No, I haven't actually seen his college diploma. I just took it on ......... that he had a degree since he said he did. Have you ever had to show anyone yours or do they just take it for granted that you have one?" Jack asked his boss.
"You don't have to show me your medical insurance card again; we already have it on .........," the receptionist said to Will at the doctor's office.
"We popped a tire at night and had to walk all the way back to our hotel on ......... since Joe didn't have a spare tire. The walk was at least ten miles in the rain it was great," Gina sarcastically told Miles.
"We are going to have to put our road trip plans on ......... for the time being. I think my transmission just went," Frank said to his wife.