ESL, Srednji nivo

Real Life: Parts of the Body (1)

The ......... is located below your mouth. Sometimes, men grow goatees on this part of the face.
......... are tiny hairs that are found growing immediately above and below the eyes. Sometimes, women use mascara to accentuate this part of the face.
The ......... is located on the lower part of a face and is hinged near the ears so that people can talk and chew food.
The ......... lies above a person's eyes and just below his/her hairline. People often wrinkle this part of the body when they are confused or angry.
......... are hairs that are found above the eyes. These are often plucked into a more pleasing shape by women and men.
......... are located in front of the teeth and this part of the face is often a slightly different color than the rest of the face. Women often wear gloss on these in order to accentuate them.
......... flank both sides of the nose and mouth. Women often wear blush on this part of the face in order to look healthy and pretty. And sometimes when people are embarrassed, this part of the face turns red.
A person's ......... is located directly below the head and above the shoulders. This is a flexible part of the body and people often carry tension in this part of the body.
People have two ......... that are located below the neck and have arms attached to them. My friend hurt her rotator cuff once, so she had to have surgery to repair this part of the body.
A person's ......... is located on the inside portion of the neck. People use this to swallow food. I caught a cold last week and it began when this part was very sore and red.