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English Slang Idioms (333)

His main supplier had just gone out of business. He had to figure out a way to weather the ......... until he could find another.
"My parents have always been well-.......... Both come from moderately wealthy households and both have good-paying jobs. We've always lived in nice houses," Chris told Jake and Roxanne.
"Is it OK if I take a quick break, boss? All this dust is making my mouth dry. I am going to go get something to wet my .........," Sam said.
"Dad has been whaling ......... at the siding on the backside of the house for hours and it still won't come off. He has been steadily beating at it with a hammer and I think the hammer will break before the siding comes off," Sammy told his mom.
"What a .........! And after all the gardening work you have done! To lose all your plants like that in one stupid heatwave is a real shame," Jill said to Eleanor.
"When I see that mailman, I am going to give him ......... for. I am going to chew him out because he didn't close the mailbox after he put our mail into it and then the rain destroyed half of it. I can't even see how much I owe on some of the bills and I will have to call each company to find out," Walter told Bette.
"You are dating Sarah?" Bart asked with a sneer. Luke responded, "Yeah, and what ......... it? I like her so what is your problem?"
Anthony walked into his apartment and saw his roommate and his best friend looking solemn and deep in thought. He asked, "What's .........? What are you guys worried about?"
"When I was handling the bills and was late on one, you made me do the dishes, for a week, to pay for my mistake. Now you are late and you will do dishes for a week because what's good for the ......... is good for the gander," Emily told her husband.
There were two men taking his shed apart and he could see them outside his window. He ran outside and yelled, " Hey! What's the big .........? Why are you touching my shed?" They responded that they had received a work order to come out and remove a shed. It turned out that they had the wrong house it was the neighbors' shed they were supposed to remove.