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English Slang Idioms (115)

"Jack won't join the union. I told him not to and he'll listen. He knows which side his ......... is buttered on," Mr. Willis told the union representative.
"Jake is a good employee. That guy sure knows his .......... There isn't anything about how this place is run that he doesn't know about," Marcie told Melissa.
"You all think that Jack is going to side with you against management, but he won't. He knows his .......... He knows that it is not his job to decide how things are ran around here and won't get involved," Mr. Willis told the union representative.
They had been maintaining a hobby farm for several years. They made a little money from it, but just enough to cover the costs. It was more a labor of ......... than anything else. They just really liked animals.
"Sorry, Wes can't come to the phone right now. He has gone to the ......... of nod. He fell asleep at about 8 PM. You'll have to try back tomorrow," Jake's wife said.
His campaign manager had said that he would win by a nice amount but he hadn't planned on the ......... victory that he had won. He had won by a huge margin.
"Tim is the manager's lap .......... He is always kissing up to him and doing favors for him. It makes me sick," Lillibeth said to Ellie.
He didn't want to seem like he was ......... up to the boss, but the boss had made a great maneuver that he felt was worth complimenting. He hoped that the others see it that way too.
He disliked people that whined about petty day-to-day problems that everyone in America faced. He felt that those who whined needed to ......... it up and handle the issues without bothering him.
His brother responded, "I have no idea if it will rain. That is in the lap of the .........," and hung up on him in annoyance.