ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (259)

"I know it's been hard on you since your father passed away. It is hard, when we lose someone, to keep on ......... on. However, we can't forget that a lot of people are still alive and need our love," Ray's mom told him after his kids spoke to her about his despondent behavior.
"Will you come to the store with me to keep me .........?" Linda asked Chris.
"You always work until 11 o'clock at night? You keep late ........., don't you? What do you do for fun after work?" His mom asked.
"I know that it is summer time and it's light outside until late but you two are going to have to keep it ......... out here while you are playing. A lot of the people who live closeby have to wake up really early to go to work and they can't sleep with you two screaming and yelling until all hours of the night," Allen told his two boys.
"I heard that Lester asked you out on a date. I would keep your ......... if I were you. He is kind of creepy and I am afraid he might be the stalker type," Laurie said to Kimberly.
She was hired by two accounting firms to keep their ......... for them. She just received her degree in Accounting three days ago and already she has two clients.
He almost had to close his business over the winter. No one needed their RV repaired in the winter and he had not saved enough for the winter months. Now that summer was here, he already had eight jobs in the past two weeks. Things were ......... up.
"I just found out something about our Christmas bonuses but the information can't get out to everyone else here. I will tell you what I heard if you can keep your mouth .........," Billie told Susan.
"I know that it is hard when you are growing up to know what the right thing to do is. I would encourage you to keep your own ......... and make your own decisions because your friends won't always have your best interest at heart even if they don't intend to," Bob said to Danny.
"I have already been studying for my economics final for three hours and I am bored. I have to keep plugging ......... at it, though, or I will never get through all this material on time. After I am done, I will give you a call and maybe we can do something then," Bill told his girlfriend.