ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (150)

He asked his wife where she was all day. She replied, "Oh, I was ......... and about. I had some errands to run and I had to pick up my dry cleaning."
His best friend moved out of the city about a month ago. He hated the location and hated driving down all the isolated, curvy, windy roads to his house. He wondered why anyone would move out of a big city where there was lots to do to a house out in the ..........
He knew that his grandma was home when he heard a voice say, "Oops a .........." His grandma had a habit of saying that every time she dropped something. She was also in the habit of dropping things.
His parents' divorce was bitter. He didn't like to bring it up because he could tell that it was opening old ..........
He had been advertising his car in the local paper for a month. He was about to give up on the idea of anyone buying it, when out of the ........., three people in two hours called and asked to come see it.
The job posting said that the firm was looking for a creative person who could think out of the .......... He felt that he was good at solving problems using unconventional methods so he applied for the job.
He became desperate as the rent was coming closer to being due. He didn't have the money to pay, so he decided to rob someone. He robbed a teenager for twenty dollars and found out later, while watching the news, that the boy he robbed was the police chief's son. He had definitely jumped out of the ......... and into the fire.
"I am really impressed with George. It is only his second week here and he already has the third highest sales' rating in this department. He really came out of the ......... running," Jack told the president of the company who was visiting.
"You should try Luigi's restaurant. The shrimp bowties are out of this .........," Sally said to Jennifer.
The manager was very relieved when the computers started working again. Without them. the customer service representatives couldn't help customers over the phone. He picked up the phone and heard his systems analyst, Jack. Jack said, "The computers are working but we are not out of the ......... yet. The phones, for some reason, aren't working now."