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English Slang Idioms (378)

"I hate how commercials tell you that the product is great, awesome, superior, or something like that. Those words don't tell you anything real about the product; it's just ......... talk," Kyle said to Nick.
"I like a lot of the people in this town, especially the farmers. Many of them are the ......... of the earth. They have no ulterior motives; what you see is what you get," Jacky said to John.
"I think we need to find an alternative to gasoline as a fuel. There is only so much of it," Jim said. Tom responded," ......... here. I also think we need to find something cheaper, cleaner, and renewable."
"Today's kids sit inside playing computer games on nice sunny days. When I was young, I played football in the street," Jack said. Fred answered, "Yeah. The kids in my neighborhood played .........lot baseball. We'd never go inside unless we had to."
"I made the mistake of bad-mouthing people who own SUVs. I tried to save ......... by adding that it was only the people who didn't need them that bothered me, but I think Joe was still insulted," Bob said.
"I've been filling a jar full of quarters to save for a ......... day, and now I have over $300," Timmy said to George.
"Do you have some money so that I could go get a popsicle with my friends?" Larry asked. His dad replied, "Yeah, I think I have some ......... change. Let me check."
"I know you want to stop Henry from stealing at work, but you might as well save your .......... He'll do what he wants to do and nothing you say can change that," Zack said.
"Will you help me study for the final exam? You've already taken this class, and you owe me a favor. I saved your ......... that time you suddenly needed someone to proof your final paper," Jared said to Christian.
"Thanks for going to the store and grabbing that birthday cake. You really saved the .......... My daughter's party wouldn't have been half as good without it," Jill said to Greg.