ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (332)

"I can't stand my neighbors. They have parties until the wee ......... of the morning almost every day in the apartment next door. They are so loud it is almost impossible to sleep through their parties.
Basic Training serves two purposes: one, strengthens the recruits and gets them ready for military services and, two, ......... out the people who are unfit for duty.
"It is time to weigh ......... and get on the road. We can make it to our destination if we leave right now and drive rather quickly. Otherwise, we'll have to spend another night on the road," Dan told Melissa.
"I am sick of constantly being ......... down by debt. It will be nice to someday have enough money to go on a mini-vacation if we feel like it," Paul said to Chris.
"We are still waiting for the court to weigh ......... with the verdict. I'll call and let you know what happens as soon as I know something," Jack told his mom over the phone at the court house.
"Knowing that my friend intends to divorce his wife and that I can't say anything to her is really weighing ......... me," Chris told Linda.
"His threats about quitting don't ......... any weight with me. He threatened to quit many times and, recently, just bought an expensive car. He won't be able to quit now," the boss told her assistant.
"I am sorry but your problems are your own now. I've tried to help out for years and you keep getting into financial trouble. I can't afford to give you all of my money and I can't let your problems weigh me ......... any longer," Paul told his brother.
"I love her family. They welcomed me with open ......... and made me feel and at home right away. I can't believe I was so nervous about meeting them," Carl said to his parents about his girlfriend's family.
"Iraq could easily be the next Vietnam if we are not careful. We stayed too long in Vietnam and then abandoned our supporters to die. We need clear objectives and a clear timeline to measure our success and to know when to leave," Matt said to Kyle and Dustin. Dustin said, "That was very well .......... I couldn't have said it better myself."