ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (168)

He knew that his Law class would be a lot of work. At the same ........., he thought it would probably teach him a lot.
"Every time I start working on my files, the boss calls me into his office to ask me some dumb question about our inventory. At this ........., I'll never get my work done," John said to Carrie.
"My daughter is having a hard time right now in school with people making fun of her appearance. She is at that ......... age where she is all joints and pimples," Sarah said to her friend.
"I feel sorry for Cherish. She is such a ......... in the woods when it comes to business. She just can't tell when people are taking advantage of her for their own sake," Mary said to John.
Some people are wary of online banking due to a fear that a computer hacker might find a ......... into their bank account through one of their computer programs.
"We argue for very long periods of time when we do argue. Neither of us will ......... down when we think we are right," Dan told his father when his father asked how things were going between him and his roommate.
Periodically, classic movies will be put back in ......... by the companies who made them in an effort to remind people about the movies.
"I think that we should find an alternate supplier who can deliver what we need in case the one that we are signing a contract with decides to back ......... of the deal," Marcus told Ronda.
"I think our renovations will have to take a ......... seat until we can save more money," Jim told
"You need to go clean your room and I don't want to hear any ......... talk out of you, young man," Sarah told her boy.