ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (222)

"Don't worry too much about whether you will make it in college or not. It takes a while to get the ......... of it and get used to the pace. I am sure you will do fine," Brandon's older brother told him.
"Hi Jane. I am trying to find the best way to get on the ......... track for promotion here. You have worked here for a long time so do you have any tips for me on what I can do to be promoted quickly?" Ronald asked.
"I am so embarrassed. I had to give a solo performance of a song in the Phantom of the Opera and I got a bad case of the .......... I just stood there and wasn't able to start singing for almost a minute. I was so nervous," Jan told Bethany.
"Why don't we start early tomorrow and get a ......... on the day? We can avoid the worst heat and be off work early," Dan said to Phil.
"So, if I don't allow for the width of the saw blade in my measurements, my boards will eventually be too short if I am cutting from a large piece of wood? I get the .......... I will make sure to add the width of the saw into my measurements in the future," Ryan said to Jesse.
"I called the company to see why our account wasn't credited with our payment and I got the .......... No one, the manager included, could give me a proper explanation. What is worse, they wouldn't fix their records to reflect that we sent the payment on time," Jones told his wife.
"I arrived late to work again due to that big traffic accident in town and I got the .......... The boss wouldn't listen to my valid excuse he just told me I was fired and to get out," Steve told his roommate.
"We have been waiting for this presentation to start for twenty minutes. We all have a lot to do today. Can we get this ......... on the road?" Max asked the presenter.
"I called the car company and asked why our statement still showed a balance owing and they gave me this whole song and ......... about their new office location and that we should have sent our payment there. They didn't tell us about the move beforehand," Mr. Walters told his wife.
"Why are you giving me the third ......... about going out with my friends tonight? You have questioned me about where we went, what we did, why and lots of other things. I told you all of this before I left," Tommy told his parents.