ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (258)

"My girlfriend is always talking on her cellular phone no matter where we are or what we are doing. She answers it even when we are at the movies. It drives me .........," Luke said to Ian.
"We are going to study the American Constitution as our first focus in this Law class. I think it is a good jumping-off ......... that will lead us into the rest of the aspects of criminal law we will cover," the Law professor told the class.
"I thought that Bill broke up with Tina but it was the other way .......... He was mad at her for quite some time for drinking too much but she didn't seem like she had any problems with him. I guess she did," Shannon said to James.
"We need a new coffee table. Ours used to be nice until our latest move. It looks pretty ......... up now. We didn't tie it down well enough and it flew around the moving truck and knocked into some things," Pat said to his neighbors.
"Georgia is so hot in the summer. We had our morning formation at 6 o'clock in the morning and by 6:30, five privates had ......... over from the heat," Specialist Mitchell said to PFC Thomas.
"I haven't downloaded any music from the Internet legal or not. I am not very keen ......... the idea of getting prosecuted for theft because I didn't know the rules on what music was safe and what wasn't," Will said to Jessica.
"I haven't heard back from the security firm as to whether I am going to get the job or if the job has been filled. However, I am going to ......... after it until that the job is filled. I am going to call them once a week to check on the job and I am going to stop by once a week," Jared said to his wife Jennifer.
"The CEO of our company came to give us a speech on where the business was headed today. Somehow, he had got a piece of toilet paper stuck to the back of his shirt. I tried really hard to keep a ......... face but I finally couldn't help laughing. Luckily, just as I started laughing, he decided to take a fifteen minute break," Alice said to Todd.
"I can't find my wallet. Can you keep an ......... open for it please?" Jim said to his wife Carol.
"The recent and extremely high hospital bill was a real eye-......... for me. I knew that health care was becoming more expensive all the time but I had no idea how much so. No wonder people are always on the news complaining about it. I got charged $5,000 for an IV bag of water!" Jay said to Matt at work.