ESL, Srednji nivo

Real Life: Apartment Hunting (1)

A(n) ......... is a person who owns and/or manages land, buildings, houses etc. and rents/leases specific areas to tenants.
A landlord might ask you for a ......... deposit in order to hold an apartment for you. This means that if you decide that you don't want to rent that specific apartment, you won't get the deposit back.
Most landlords will do a ......... check on anyone who wants to rent an apartment because they want to know if the potential tenant pays his/her bills on time and in full.
Most people have to fill out a rental ......... in order to be considered for an apartment rental. They have to fill in both personal and professional information on this type of form.
If a landlord accepts an applicant, the tenant must then read and sign a rental .......... This is a contract that stipulates the rights and obligations of tenants as well as landlords.
A landlord may also ask a potential tenant for two or three ......... in order to verify his/her employment, integrity and character.
Sharon wants to ......... her apartment for six months because she's going to work with the Peace Corps for about that long. When she comes back, she still wants to live in the same building and this means that she would still have her rent paid while she is away.
When Sally and Bill moved out of their two-bedroom apartment, the landlord thought the apartment was very messy and there was a hole in the wall next to the bathroom so they didn't get their damage ......... back.
A ......... is also called an occupant or a renter. This person rents an apartment, house, room etc. from the owner of the property for an agreed upon amount.
Some people rent ......... apartments. This means that the units they rent come with furniture such as couches, chairs, tables and beds.