ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (251)

"I thought my credit was good until I realized my account with the Internal Revenue Service was in .......... It had completely slipped my mind that I still owed them one more payment from what I owed on last year's taxes," Paul said to Alison.
"Lisa, I don't want to tell you your business but I was wondering if you might give my brother a break. I know you are mad at him for getting drunk, since you don't approve of drinking, but believe me, getting drunk is completely out of ......... for him. I have seen him drunk twice in my whole life. There must be some explanation," Kurt said.
He was really embarrassed. His neighbor just yelled at him to keep his dog in ......... since it bit the neighbor's poodle. His dog had never bit anything or anyone before.
His father wanted him to go hunting with him but he didn't want to go. He wasn't sure that he could or wanted to kill an animal in cold .......... He also wasn't sure that he wanted to share that part of himself with his dad.
"Do you want us to purchase another truck for the receiving department?" Jay asked Sidney. Sidney responded, "No, the one we have is OK for now. Let's keep it in ......... for a little while longer. Once it breaks, we'll buy a new one."
"We are still reviewing your case and will have an answer for you in ......... course," Matt told Mrs. Smith when she called in to inquire about the outcome of her insurance claim.
Despite the change in watering practices and the pot size, the rot on Chris's Sempervivum rosettes was still very much in .......... The cold, damp conditions were not conducive to growing this particular kind of succulent plant.
The police always show up in ......... in Chico, California on Halloween. There have been numerous crimes committed during the almost city-wide revelry.
"I am sorry that you took offense to my comment about your consistent crabby behavior in the morning on Mondays. It was meant in .......... I am no better and neither is anyone here," Mark said to Shelly.
"Your account with us has remained in good ......... since you opened it with us. We are going to grant your request for a higher credit limit," the banker told John.