ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (68)

"I guess the fat has hit the ......... in the Democrats' campaign. It turns out that two of their candidates have been arrested for stock fraud. They are going to have a hard time overcoming that!" Miller said to Calvin.
"So, he told you that you weren't very good at problem solving. What would he know? That .........head isn't any good at problem solving or anything else for that matter," Sally said to Ken.
He only had three more years until retirement and then he would be living off of the ......... of the land. He saved up a lot of money over the years for retirement and is set for life.
"I don't see how she could be going out with Elmer. In my opinion, that is a fate worse than .........!" Maddie said to Louise.
"I don't think that we should throw a party this weekend, Justine. I don't like the feast today, ......... tomorrow thing. We should spread our money out more," his roommate said.
"If we get that grant that you applied for, that will be a major ......... in your cap. The boss is going to be very thankful," Linda said to Derek.
"You are going away for a long time, Bob. I will personally make sure you get the worst sentence possible. I can't stand people who steal from charitable organizations to ......... their own nest," the cop said as he led him off in handcuffs.
"I wouldn't go in there if I was you. They have been fighting for a while now and ......... are flying!" Matt told Jennifer as she was going to check on her friend Gina.
"If the landlord doesn't fix our plumbing soon, I am going to report him to the city. I am fed up to the ......... teeth with how long it takes him to fix things around here," Beth said to Mike.
"Thank you for making me feel at ......... here. I had a great week staying with you two," Jacob said to Tim and Beth.