ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (323)

"I like James. He is quick on the .......... You only have to tell that guy how to do something once. He understands the importance of something and how it works very quickly," Jack said to his assistant.
"You won't be disappointed by giving me this job. I am a ......... study," Kyle said to the hiring manager.
"Wow, we bought ......... a bit of groceries. I guess it goes to show that one shouldn't go to the grocery store when hungry We originally were only going to get a couple bags of groceries and we bought eleven," Chris said to Linda.
"We did buy quite a ......... groceries, didn't we?" Linda responded.
"I decided to leave my job for a ......... of reasons: the hours were irregular, the pay was bad, my abilities weren't being utilized and I wasn't learning any valuable skills," Henry told Bob.
"Apparently rave parties are quite the ......... now. A lot of my friends go to those and have invited me. They aren't really my scene, though. I don't like the loud music," Chris said to Jacob.
"My husband is funny. We will go to a nursery and, immediately, he zooms ......... on the succulent plants. Why, I don't know. I think that succulents are too small most of the time and are kind of boring," Linda said to Tabitha.
"I can't wait to get to the hotel. We have been driving for 15 hours and I am zonked .......... I can't wait to get into bed," Karen said to Robert.
"I told you not to say anything to my sister about what we were talking about. She called me today to yell at me for discussing her issues with you. You need to zip your ......... when I tell you secrets or personal stuff," Beth told Alyssa.
"What is wrong with you lately? We use to have such a great time together. Now, it feels like you spend most of your time with me ......... in on my faults. Do you not like me anymore?" Greg asked Lisa.