ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (285)

He task involved recording the ......... at the board meeting. He hated that job because he couldn't pay attention to the merits of the ideas being put forth and write everything that was said down at the same time. It was like being elected to wash dishes during a movie at home.
John felt horrible and his wife was angry with him. He had arranged for a band he knew to play at their wedding and the band had ......... badly. They played only heavy metal and they didn't even play it well. Half of the guests left early.
"John is a very astute business man and he's nobody's fool. You can't put one over on him he never ......... a trick," Bart said to his boss.
"I am throwing a party on Friday and you don't want to miss ......... on this one. There will be an open bar, a band and a catered dinner so don't make other plans," Bill said to Doug.
"I think you missed the ......... of the lecture. The main purpose was to show that we need to take many things under consideration when analyzing a big change in the market," Damon told his Macroeconomics classmate.
He finally found the ......... link. The Germans had been able to shoot down most of the English's planes when they went to bomb the Germans. Some in the English bomber command thought that there was an intelligence leak who was responsible but that was not the case. It turned out that the Germans set up a radar station that could detect the incoming planes.
"Have you seen the movie A Walk to Remember? It is very moving. I was .........-eyed by the end," Jane said to Paula.
"I think there has been a .........-up. I am supposed to be booked on the 2 o'clock train — not the 4:30 train. I have a confirmation number right here from the arrangements I made over the phone," Maxwell told the receptionist.
"Oh, I see the problem. You were booked on the 4:30 train by .......... The previous representative wrote down that you should be on the 2 o'clock train but checked the box for the 4:30. I will fix your ticket right now," the receptionist replied.
"My new job is kind of a ......... bag. In some ways, it is better than my last job but, in other ways, it is more irritating," Jan told her mom.