ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (249)

"We played live for the first time last night and it was a howling .......... We weren't sure how we would sound but apparently our band sounded OK," Steven said to Lewis.
Some of the early SUVs were dangerous due to the fact that they didn't hug the ......... very well. They had a tendency to tip over in tight turns.
"Now that our midterm exams are over, we are over the .......... We only have a couple more weeks of instruction and then it is time for final exams," Beth said to Ellis.
"Well, if there is nothing else to be happy about today, it is ......... Day. Only two more days to go and then the weekend is upon us again," Bill said to Jake.
He never learned to type properly and that the lack of that special skill sure hurt him in college. It was not easy to type a 15-page report using the hunt and ......... method.
"I can't go to lunch with you today. I am sorry. I have to go ......... down a new battery for my car during my lunch break instead," Nick said to Ryan.
Sometimes, the police will ......... up some details of a murder investigation to help them verify whether a tip given by the public is real.
"I tried to get some answers from the police department about the suspect that was shot by the police the other night but they were very .........-hush about it. All they would tell me is that they are currently investigating the situation," Irma told her boss.
"I can't pay you today for the plants but I'll give you an ..........O.U. for them. You know that I will pay you soon we've been friends for a long time," Chris said to Paul.
He couldn't stand the fact that his roommate refused to do anything else on the weekends but watch the ......... box. He wanted a hiking partner, a friend to go on road trips with and someone who wanted to check out the different shops in town. He couldn't think of a worse way to spend the weekend than watching TV the whole time.