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English Slang Idioms (90)

"You did great on that presentation! You have a real knack for public speaking," Tom said to Louise. "Thank you. I have my .........," she replied with a twinkle in her eye.
"I think that we will be able to finish ahead of schedule despite the setbacks and I am really looking forward to starting on the project right away," the team leader said. Bill whispered to his friend, "She sure has her ......... up today. She is too awake and motivated for a Monday morning."
The yard was overgrown with three-foot-tall weeds. When he bought the place, he wanted to clean up the garden and now it was time to start. As he looked at the weeds, he knew that he had his ......... cut out for him.
Her mom hated when her daughter said "hey" to anyone in public. She often remarked, "Hay is for .........." Her daughter retorted "What is the big deal with saying "hey" as opposed to "Hello?"
"Wow, you have so many interesting stories and you sure know a lot about other countries," his date said. He replied," He who travels far ......... much," with a grin.
"So what do you say about the new job, Tim? It does require moving, which I know you don't want to do, but it is a great opportunity to advance. You do have some time to think about it but I need to know soon. As they say in the Army, he who ......... is lost," Matt said.
"She tore my idea to bits in front of the boss instead of talking to me first and embarrassed me in front of everyone. She'll regret that. She'll rue the ......... she crossed me," Bill told Ellis.
"Mom knows that you stole five dollars from her purse. When Dad finds out, it will be over for you. You'd better ......... for the hills," his older brother told him.
"My son is an idiot. He moved to Hollywood to become an actor. If he thinks that anyone is going to put him in a movie when he has no experience or education, his head is in the .........," Mike told his brother.
"Can you help me assemble the kid's toy? I can't make ......... nor tail of these directions," Wes said to his friend who was a mechanic.