ESL, Srednji nivo

Real Life: Sports and Games (1)

......... is a game where two eleven-person teams try to kick a white and black ball into the opponent's net on a grassy field.
The game of ......... involves trying to hit a small ball, with a club, into a pre-existing hole in the grass. Players must hit the ball into nine or 18 different holes on a grassy course while trying to use as few strokes, with the club, as possible.
......... is a game that involves two teams (comprised of nine players each) that try to hit a ball with a bat. Teams can score points once the ball is hit and when the person, who hit the ball, runs across three bases and over the home plate.
Shot put and long jump are examples of ......... events.
In America, ......... involves two opposing teams (made up of 11 players) who try to carry or kick a brown ball into the opponent's goal line on a grassy field.
......... players in the NBA are part of a five-person team who try to throw an orange ball into the opponent's basket. However, the players cannot carry the ball down the playing court. They have to bounce, throw and/or pass the ball throughout any given game.
......... involves throwing and catching a disk-like object.
......... is a sport in which two opponents punch each other to see who can land the most blows. Ultimately, each athlete wants to knock his/her opponent out.
......... is a game that is played by two or four people. The players try to hit a small ball, with a racquet, across a net. If the ball lands on one team's side of the court and the player(s) fail to hit it back over the net, the team who initially hit the ball gets a point.
......... is board game that is based on skill. For example, one player tries to checkmate the other by using and carefully positioning 16 different pieces on a board. The players are allowed to move in different ways, but there are specific rules that both players must follow.