ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (381)

"I am in trouble with my boss for screwing ......... on my expense sheet. I made some errors that I should have caught before turning it in," Craig said to Janice.
I love being able to go on road trips on a .......... The flexibility of my work schedule allows me some spontaneity," Kylie said to Melissa.
I am always scrounging ......... for change on laundry days. I check my car ashtray, my pockets, and my drawers.
"I had a very hard time getting my sea ......... when I first bought this boat. I used to fall down everywhere and I felt imbalanced all the time. Now, walking on the boat is no problem," Harry told Aaron.
"I think my grandma is going through a second .......... She has been buying a bunch of stuffed animals and she arranges them on little wooden swings, in make-believe tea parties, or other strange things," Wesley said to Amanda.
"I remember having to look at the keys while typing. I have been typing so long that the skill has now become second ......... to me and I no longer have to look at the keys. You will be able to type without looking soon, too," Kim said to Rosa.
"The new Ford Mustang is second to ........., in my opinion. It looks great and is very powerful. I can't think of a car that is superior to it," Paul, a Ford fanatic, said to Justine.
"The Chicago brand saws are alright for small projects or infrequent use but, in my opinion, they are kind of a second-......... tool when compared to some of the other brands offered in hardware stores," Paul said to Chris.
"Don't ever second ......... me again in public, Jim. If you disagree with a plan I have or a way of doing things, tell me off to the side. Otherwise, it erodes my authority and I may just fire you on the principle of the thing," the boss said.
I like going to ......... stores to look for tools and planters. One can find some really good deals sometimes.