ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (225)

"I saw this kid stick a couple of screwdrivers in his pocket today. I gave him the ......... and he put them back. I hate it when kids steal and I have to call the police. I don't like to be partially responsible for kids getting a criminal record," jack told Grace.
"Your friend came into my shop the other day and I gave him the .......... He came in for an oil change and I checked his tires, gave him a new headlight, and fixed his tail lights for free. You have always done me favors so it was the least I could do," Lane told Sarah.
"I know you don't like Jack but you have to give him his .......... for the marketing campaign he created. Sales are up 30 percent," Laurie told the boss.
"You were doing great in poker until you tried to bluff James. You gave yourself ......... by laughing too much and acting happy. You overdid it you barely blink when you have a good hand," Lane said to Tim.
"I would say that your house is worth $100,000 give or ......... $10,000 or so, depending on the market," the real estate agent told the family.
"I am sorry I can't come into work today. My back ......... out on the weekend when I was hauling bags of concrete. I can't get out of bed," Mark said to his boss.
"Jack didn't come into work this week and no one has heard from him. He didn't show any ......... of wanting to quit. I hope he is OK," Shelly said to Carol.
"I am not sure that I believe your story but you have never done anything wrong around here before. I am going to give you the ......... of the doubt and forget this ever happened. Let's not have a repeat of this, OK?" The boss told Jimmy.
"I don't like Misty. She gives me the .......... She is always right behind me when I turn around and she looks very scary," Beth said to Andy.
"I don't like Paul as a person but to give the ......... his due, he is the best mechanic I have ever seen," Laura said to Chris.