ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (301)

"I just purchased a restaurant in town about a month ago. I am still working on the menu and finding suppliers but my ......... will be open in two weeks if you two would like to come," Grant said to Josh and Amanda.
De-regulating the telephone industry was supposed to result in better prices for consumers due to the competition that would arise between companies. Unfortunately, the .........-market system of today has resulted in arguably higher prices for comparable services.
"I know you don't want to accept this but you need to open your .......... Your son has a drinking problem. We have caught him drunk at school three times this year. I think you need to get him some help," the school official told Mr. and Mrs. Watson.
Some high school teachers favor ......... questions in order to get the students thinking versus asking them questions with only one answer that will require the students to simply repeat previously learned information.
"My parents are planning on buying a summer home in Lake Tahoe, California. No one is supposed to know but it is kind of an open ......... among my brother and sisters. It is supposed to be a surprise but we overheard them talking about it several times," Lane said to his friend Logan.
"I used to be very polite at the college but I found that encouraging conversation with other students just opens the ......... to people who try to convince me to fight for their, often, strange causes," Mark told Tanya.
"Who opened the .........? There are so many cars on the road today. I think we are going to be waiting to turn onto the road for the next two days," Craig said sarcastically to his wife.
Although having an open-......... policy at work is time-consuming for management, it can accomplish a lot. By dealing with problems and clarifying information sooner, the problems and misconceptions can be resolved before they escalate and, in turn, are harder to solve.
"My friends are not going to discriminate against you because you two are gay. While they are all straight, they are all open-......... enough to not have a problem with people who have a different orientation," Chris told Kelly and Jason.
"I am not going to go with you to the sand dunes. I have other ......... to fry; I have homework to do and I have to work in my yard this weekend," James told Kyle and Josh.